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Accountants with personality? Who would think?

We work hard, but believe in the power of play. Our process is professional and pragmatic, but we approach every client relationship with a relatable, down-to-earth frame of mind.

Our Culture

We are passionate about using our knowledge and experience to help you reach your goals, but we aren’t all pocket protectors and spreadsheets. While we are devoted to helping you with your tax and accounting needs, we like to have fun and take time out of our busy days to share a bit of laughter around the office. Check out a few of our quirks and whimsies: (goes to videos)

When our noses aren't buried in algorithms and decimal points, we make sure to have some fun and share a bit of laughter around the office. At DME, we aren't your typical stodgy CPA's; we are professionals and have fun doing it.

DME CPA Group provides tax and accounting services to the greater Seattle area. We help you and your business comply with IRS and State tax laws. Giving you the peace of mind that your tax and accounting needs are taken care of.

Meet The Team

Nancy Ekrem

CPA, Managing Shareholder

Nancy Ekrem joined the firm in 1985 and has been a principal of the firm since 1991. She currently serves as Managing Director. She focuses on serving clients in the areas of Estate Planning, Income Tax Planning, Business Planning, and compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Nancy loves digging into a problem or opportunity and finding an innovative way to do things. If Nancy were a game, she would be a Sudoku Puzzle. Outside the office, Nancy gives back to the community by serving on various boards and committees that emphasize business, arts, and youth. One of her favorite activities is working with teenagers. Nancy has 2 adult children and twin grandsons. (Being a Grand is Grand!) She enjoys traveling with her husband, hanging out with friends, and hosting "family" dinners.

Rebecca Hang

EA, Senior Tax Manager

Rebecca joined the DME Team as a Tax Manager in 2020 and brings over 25 years of public accountant experience with her. She was born in Hong Kong and moved to the Seattle area when she was ten years old. She currently has two daughters in college, one at the University of Washington and the other at Washington State University. Let the rivalry begin! Her favorite hobby is hunting, actually “bargain hunting” and she is known as the “Coupon Queen” in the office. Her motto is, “Buy now think later!” Besides hunting and gathering, she enjoys hosting and sharing her amazing culinary skills with her friends and family.

Aliza Wong

EA, Tax Manager

Born & raised in Hong Kong, Aliza moved to the United States and earned an accounting degree. Amid her tenure in public accounting work, she returned home, earned a second degree in Early Childhood Education, and taught Kindergarten. Back in the States she continues her work in public accounting, joined DME in 2020. Aliza specializes in business and individual returns, tax planning and assists clients with IRS issues. If she were a weather forecast, she would be “clear and sunny,” spreading light and taking the mystery out of your taxes. Outside the office, Aliza loves spending time with her husband and young son, often camping, boating, and riding bikes. In her spare time, she loves to volunteer with young children, teaching Sunday school, and sharing hugs.


Director of Hospitality

Hi, my name is Chubba! I have been volunteering at DME since 2020. I am DME’s Director of Hospitality. Over the years I have worked my paws off to keep our clients happy and my coworkers sane. I love popping into meetings and saying hello to our clients. I spend most of my days walking around the office for treats and taking naps in the hallway…but I promise you I am working. I may not be winning any fetch awards, but I will definitely win over your heart with my gorgeous looks and sweet cuddles. I work full-time in the office as it would be quite difficult to work from home. If you ever swing by the office, please ask for me! *PS. If you want me to possibly slip in a few good words for you to Nancy, my favorite snack is chicken!

Alice Elekes

Office Administrator

On staff since 2005, Alice is known as the friendly voice on the phone and keeps the office running smoothly. If Alice were a circus performer, she would be a juggler. She loves to serve our clients and the DME team. Alice is a mom, grandma, and big time Gonzaga basketball fan. She enjoys trips in her travel trailer with her husband, reading, gardening, and spending time with family.

Aileen Hutt

Estate & Trust Specialist

Aileen joined our firm in 2014 and is our estate return and trust return expert. She is known for her patience and empathy with clients as they navigate difficult estate tax matters. If Aileen had a theme song it would be “You’ve got a Friend in Me.” When not in the office, Aileen loves traveling and escaping on long camping and hiking trips with her husband. She also enjoys gardening, reading, time with friends, working with her church ministry, and spending time with her children and grandchildren.

BJ (Elizabeth) Lallemand


Rejoining the firm in 2020 after a nineteen-year absence, BJ focuses on business tax returns, compilations, and reviews. If BJ were a farm animal, she would be an ox: strong, dependable, and willing to pull heavy loads. BJ serves on the board of her local water association. She enjoys rowing, working in her garden, walking with her dog, Betsy, and reading.

Celeste Klein


Celeste joined our firm in 2007 as part of the firm expansion to the Marysville area. Celeste works during busy season, specializing in business tax returns, compilations, and reviews. The color that best describes her personality is “blue” for her calm and orderly manner. Outside of the office, Celeste enjoys walking the dog, hiking, bike riding, and playing board games, especially a competitive game of Scrabble.

Joyce Squier

Tax Preparer

Joyce joined our firm as a staff accountant in 2002 and has continued to work for the firm on special projects. If Joyce were an orchestra instrument, she would be a timpani – she keeps on drumming along. Joyce has three grown children, several grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. In her spare time Joyce, serves on the board of their local homeowner’s association. She enjoys reading, crossword puzzles and sports, especially the Huskies!

Kristen Cline

Business Innovation Specialist

In late 2018 Kristen found her way back to DME after helping with the 2010 busy season. In addition to backing up Alice administratively, she is our resident expert in payroll and excise taxes, QuickBooks and QBO, and special projects. She enjoys teaching our clients new tricks. Her favorite line is, “I know enough about tax preparation to be dangerous.” Most days you’ll find her four-legged sidekick, Lucky, under her desk. Beyond her part-time role with DME, she does bookkeeping for others, including the Edmonds Food Bank, where she also volunteers. Outside of work she loves spending time with friends and family, especially her husband Andy (yes, that Andy).

Lauren Hang

Administrative Assistant & Media Specialist

Born and raised in Edmonds, Lauren joined DME in 2019 to help with our office relocation and continues to work part-time with the administration team and runs the social media accounts. After a few months of working with us, her mom, Rebecca joined the firm. Lauren quite enjoys finally having seniority over her mom and we are all in the joke. Lauren’s center of attention though, is attending the University of Washington, where she studies Media & Communications. Lauren is a social butterfly! When she is not studying or working, you will either find her hanging out in Seattle with her sorority sisters or spending time with her three dogs.

Lori Sauter

Tax Preparer

Joining the firm in 2014, Lori focuses on individual, trust, and estate tax returns. Usually full of curious questions, she appreciates the teamwork and expertise at DME. If Lori were a cartoon character, she would be Curious George. Among Lori's out-of-office activities are disc golf, walking, and traveling, combining the beautiful outdoors and exercise with family and friends. In the "sandwich" chapter of life, Lori can identify with clients who are honoring parents and chasing kiddos while doing life!

Miho Nagahama

Tax Preparer

Born and raised in Japan, Miho received her BA in commercial law from Kagoshima University in Japan. After moving to Washington, she received her paralegal associate degree from Edmonds College, and completed all four parts of the CPA exam. Prior to joining DME in May 2022, Miho has had experince as being a tax preparer since 2018. Her previous work experience includes Toyota Motor Corporation and Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi in Japan, and Preston Gates & Ellis in Seattle. Outside the office, she enjoys tending to her garden and cooking at home.

Pam Jackson

Administrative Assistant

Joining the admin team part-time in December 2022, Pam jumps in to support the DME team through the busy season. Pam lives in Monroe where she enjoys her tiny home on a 5-acre horse property. A country girl at heart, she loves life with horses, goats, pigs, and many more animals. Pam is also a certified life coach, serving entrepreneurs as a part-time coach, course facilitator, and administrator. Her daughter attends Seattle Pacific University as a senior majoring in psychology.

Shirley Kronheim

Tax Preparer

Shirley was born and raised in South Africa, moving to Seattle in 1980. She joined our firm in 2002 and specializes in individual tax returns. If she had a spirit animal, it would be an owl. She’s swift, savvy and serenely calm. Outside the office, Shirley is a busy mom and grandma. She enjoys traveling with her husband and border collie, swimming, kayaking, gardening, reading and playing bridge.

Sooyoung Kim

CPA, Tax Preparer

Born and raised in South Korea, Sooyoung moved to Seattle to continue her study at the University of Washington in 2001. After accounting experiences at nonprofit organizations, public accounting firms and a dental office for 11 years, she joined the firm in January 2023 and focuses on individual tax returns. Outside the office, she enjoys having coffee breaks with her friends and traveling with her husband and two sons.


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